Online accounting externally

…we provide online accounting = you have remote access to the economic system from the comfort of your home


Documents are delivered to our offices where they are processed in our economic system, externally from the client’s perspective. However, the client has remote access to the economic system in our office at any time and from anywhere online.

Advantages of

  • Minimal time consumption.
  • You do not need to have your own economic system or office.
  • In many cases, there is no need to deal with the circulation of documents; you can enter the essential quantities into the system yourself.
  • You have immediate access to all data entered by us.
  • You can use our economic system to any extent and for your own operation (for any number of users and from any number of access points).
  • We provide all services – updating the system, ensuring its operability, data backup.

Disadvantages of

  • You have to learn how to work with our economic system POHODA E1.

Price of external online accounting

  • Providing remote access does not affect the price for our services.
  • Hosting of the economic system is free of charge.
  • You will only pay a one-time initial fee for remote access to the economic system. The price does not exceed the normal purchase value of the economic system itself.

For whom is the online external accounting intended

  • For businesses that want to have the results of our services immediately available.
  • For businesses that need to use the economic system for their own operations, but investing in their own computer equipment, software and ongoing maintenance and administration is not cost-effective for them.
  • For businesses that have multiple sites and need to centralize their operation and management. This is in any country of our operation.

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