Complete payroll processing

  • Is your accountant sick?
  • Does she want to take a vacation before the end of the month when payroll is busiest?
  • Does the cost of the accounting department seem high to you?

You don’t have to deal with such issues if you order complete payroll processing from us. Some services and sub-tasks are worth outsourcing to companies that specialise in this. We take full responsibility for the quality of payroll processing. You will be left with the business and can concentrate on it completely. It is estimated that outsourcing payroll processing saves businesses up to 40% of costs.

What are some of the benefits of having our company process your payroll:

  • You don’t have to worry about security, software updates and backups.
  • You’ll save on overhead costs for employees and office space.
  • You don’t have any problems with crowds.
  • We communicate with the authorities for you.
  • We guarantee professional expertise, accuracy and reliability.
  • You save money on regular training.

Employees know exactly how much they’ve been paid and for what.

We use state-of-the-art payroll software programs that can handle piece rate, hourly, or piece rate payroll. They keep track of advances, bonuses, refunds and payroll deductions.

We handle payroll processing, printing, distribution, and electronically sending password-secured pay stubs directly to employees. The form of payroll processing is transparent for employees, so they always know exactly what they have received and for what, how much leave they have used and what compensation they have received. Your company receives a recap and analysis of wages, taxes, deductions, you get statistical reports and their development.

This information will serve you to determine the right strategy for the further development of your company.

Complete payroll processing can also include HR management.

Complete payroll processing can include HR management. We will provide all employment documents for both the establishment and termination of employment, as well as regular reporting to health insurance and social security administration. We will maintain employee records, payroll and record sheets. Of course, annual income tax clearance for each employee, preparation of tax returns if desired.

Use our firm for payroll processing and other activities. This is the so-called outsourcing, which is increasingly in demand.

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    • Opening hours:

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