Administrative support

Support for electronic recording of sales (NEW)

  • Take advantage of our support in all tasks and operational activities related to the formal and practical aspects of the implementation and operation of the electronic sales registration system.
  • We will provide you with authentication data for electronic sales registration, management of your certificates and expert advice on their implementation into the POHODA E1 economic system.
  • By hosting the POHODA E1 economic system for the purpose of electronic sales registration, we guarantee full reliability, its configuration and adaptation to your specific requirements.

Transfer prices (NEW)

  • Take advantage of our support in setting prices for related party transactions to minimize tax risks.
  • We will prepare transfer pricing documentation for you
  • We offer consultation on tax optimization options through transfer pricing
  • We prepare you for tax audits in this area

Hosting of the POHODA E1 economic system

  • You do not need to invest in your own computer equipment, a personal computer or laptop is sufficient.
  • You do not have to invest in the purchase of an economic system.
  • You do not need to have your own office.
  • You can use our POHODA E1 economic system to any extent and for your own operation (for any number of users and from any number of access points).
  • We provide all services – system updates, uptime, data backup.
  • You have immediate access to all data entered by us.
  • All you need is the internet.
  • For clients who use our other services, the hosting itself is free.
  • The client only has to pay a one-time entry fee for remote access to the economic system, but the price does not exceed the normal purchase value of the economic system itself.

Rental of meeting or training rooms

  • Don’t know where to meet your business partner?
  • Do you need a technically equipped space for a meeting or training?
  • We offer the possibility of renting meeting or training rooms directly in our offices in most of our branches.

Information Technology (IT) Administration

  • Through our IT technician we can also support you in the area of computer network management, management of the POHODA economic system, etc.

Tax advice

  • Our company’s registration with the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic demonstrates the high expertise of our staff, who have fulfilled all the prerequisites for informed tax advice.

Representation in negotiations with state authorities

  • We will be happy to represent you in all filings, proceedings and meetings with the authorities, once we have mutually agreed and given you a power of attorney. We represent our clients in both payroll and tax audits, either as tax advisors or as professional advisors.

Provision of legal advice

  • It goes without saying that running a business cannot be done without a legal service.
  • In these uncertain legislative times, responsible legal support for your business is one of the key pillars for securing your company’s future.

Ensuring the audit of financial statements

  • Whether as a legal obligation or as a requirement of business owners, if a financial statement audit is required, we offer the optimal solution.
  • We know the detailed requirements of entities providing financial statement auditing services and can recommend proven auditors.

Data box service

  • We will retrieve documents from your mailbox as an authorized person, forward them to the e-mail address you specify, and archive the documents for an unlimited period of time (they remain stored in the online environment for 90 days only).
  • Let us handle your mailbox and you won’t miss a single message.

Design and implementation of internal company directives

  • The vast majority of entrepreneurs, owners or statutory representatives of companies do not know all the formal documents required by legislation, which must be issued internally by the business entity and which must be clearly followed in its operation. The most common time when you will find this out is when you receive an inspection from the relevant authority. As we have experience in the operation of several hundred companies in almost all fields of business activity, we can put together a package of internal documents not only for submission to the inspection authorities, but also for practical use in setting up internal processes in your company.

Processing VAT refund claims from EU countries

  • Have you been unable to persuade your trading partners abroad to sell you goods or services without VAT, even though you are a VAT payer? This generally does not mean that you have lost the VAT. We can get you a VAT refund from all EU countries.
  • Don’t leave VAT in EU countries unnecessarily and take advantage of the VAT refund.

Special one-stop shop scheme (Mini One Stop Shop)

  • We offer registration and subsequent administration of all formal obligations related to the one-stop shop regime for providers of telecommunications services, broadcasting services and electronically provided services.

Keeping stock records

  • Not every entrepreneur needs meticulously active stock records to keep track of their business. However, legislation takes a different view. Our philosophy is to strike a balance between legal obligations and the wishes of entrepreneurs.
  • Streamline your own time and delegate even such tasks to our office.

Travel order calculations

  • Certainly a necessary agenda, and not just a legislative requirement. In order to motivate staff to travel on official business, it is necessary to reimburse them for travel expenses and to reimburse their subsistence and pocket money, as well as to use all legislative possibilities to optimise costs.
  • However, both the calculation rules and the rates themselves are subject to frequent changes.
  • Use our staff either for consultation or entrust us with the complete processing of travel orders.

Processing and submission of EKO-KOM reports, statistical reporting to the CSU, statistical reporting to INTRASTAT

  • Some administrative tasks, although mandatory, do not bring you any profit, but it is necessary to deal with them. Even in these activities, we can help you channel your energy into what you do best.

Digitization of documents

  • We will convert your documents into electronic form.
  • We will deliver them to you either on a data carrier or via shared storage on our servers.

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