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When you visit and use the websites www.sluto.cz, www.sluto.online and www.vedeni-ucetnictvi.cz (the “Websites”), cookies or other technologies such as pixels (collectively, “cookies”) are activated on your device. Cookies are short text files that a website places in a cookie file in your web browser on your computer or device when you visit that website, which allows it to remember information about you and your preferences. Cookies do not allow your computer to run programs or install viruses.

What cookies do we use?

SLUTO uses functional, basic analytical and marketing cookies on its Website.

Functional cookies

When you visit and use the Website for informational purposes only, i.e. unless you register or give us your consent, we only collect personal data that your browser transmits to our server, which is necessary in order to display the Website to you and to guarantee the stability and security of its use. These cookies are essential for the use of our Website.

Basic analytical cookies

These cookies are used to improve the functioning of the Website. They allow us to recognise and track the number of visitors and to monitor how visitors use the Website. They help us to improve the way the Website works, for example by enabling users to easily find what they are looking for. These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information.

We use these tools to analyse and regularly improve the functionality of our Website. We may use the statistics obtained to improve the user experience and to make your visit to the Website more interesting for you as a user.

Marketing cookies

These are used to track the preferences of Website users for the purpose of targeting advertising, i.e. displaying marketing and advertising messages (including on third party sites) in accordance with these preferences.

Marketing cookies use tools from external companies. These marketing cookies will only be used on the basis of your consent.

We use the following marketing tools on our Website:

Google Analytics and Google Ads;

Facebook and LinkedIn marketing services, which allow advertising to be displayed to Website users when they visit Facebook or other websites that also use these tools;

Leady – a tool of Imper CZ, s.r.o. to identify legal entities, visitors to the Website who may be interested in our services;

Marketing tools of Seznam.cz, a.s., which enable the implementation of advertising displayed in search engines and in the content and partner network of Seznam.cz.

Types of cookies used by length of storage:

  • Temporary (short-term) – stored on your computer or device during the duration of the session and deleted after the session ends;
  • Permanent – stored on the computer or device for a longer period of time. The user can delete them from their browser.

The settings options of most browsers allow you to enable and view cookies, but also to disable all or selected cookies.

By visiting www.vedeni-ucetnictvi.cz, each user can accept or refuse the use of cookies (except functional cookies) and their storage in the browser. The user is informed of this fact when visiting the website by means of a bar and gives his consent by clicking on the “I agree” button. If the user does not consent to the use of cookies, he/she can delete or block the cookies. In this case, however, some functions of the website may not work properly.

We use cookies to improve the quality of your online communication with us. If you visit any of the SLUTO s.r.o. websites, we use cookies to collect aggregate statistical information to help us determine which parts of our site visitors prefer. They also help us collect analytical data about the use of www.vedeni-ucetnictvi.cz. We never store personal information in cookies. They store a unique session identifier that allows us to reload a user’s profile and preferences on subsequent visits to www.vedeni-ucetnictvi.cz.

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