The position of “Assistant – Receptionist in the Accounting and Tax Office”

What SLUTO s.r.o. says about the position

SLUTO Accounting and Tax Office has been providing bookkeeping and payroll services since 2000. SLUTO has been registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic since 2011. In 2019 we became the accounting firm of the year. As the name of the accounting firm implies, our mission is bookkeeping with an expanded portfolio of services, and we have long gone beyond supporting our clients far beyond just “regular” bookkeeping.

We currently have over 800 clients on record and are still growing.

In order to keep the office running smoothly and support our accountants and clients, we are looking for a Responsible Assistant/Receptionist – Responsible Assistant/Receptionist to join our team!

Who are we looking for?

An assistant/receptionist with a minimum of one year experience who is communicative and responsible. If you enjoy working with people, administrative activities and working with various economic and administrative systems, you know how to get things done, you like to communicate, you are willing to provide the necessary support to your colleagues – in short, you need your work to be meaningful and you are at least a little interested in accounting and tax legislation, this job is perfect for you!

What you will do:

  • interesting and varied work
  • arranging appointments and communicating with clients – telephone, face-to-face
  • ensuring the smooth running of the office and reception, providing refreshments
  • handling postal and e-mail correspondence, occasional errands
  • clerical and office work (copying, scanning, filing, document assembly)
  • dealing with supplier-customer relations within the office operation
  • supporting colleagues
  • handling data boxes
  • entering documents and data in economic and administrative programmes
  • working with Excel and Word
  • organising events outside work
  • independent implementation of assigned tasks
  • With your help, our employees will be able to focus on their professional work and you will learn a lot at the same time.

What you will need:

  • min. Secondary education, preferably in economics
  • willingness and determination to learn new things and gain experience
  • knowledge of MS Office – use both Word and Excel in your work
  • knowledge of AJ at a communicative level
  • working hours mainly from 9 am to 5 pm
  • willingness to “be there for your colleagues and clients”
  • caring and responsible attitude, attention to detail
  • professional attitude and pleasant demeanour

What you get:

  • Valuable experience and experience in accounting administration
  • training and onboarding support
  • if you have a degree in economics, the opportunity to gradually gain experience in client accounting
  • appropriate financial remuneration
  • allowance for meals, training other benefits
  • a good feeling that your work is meaningful
  • twice a year you will go to a company-wide Symposium where you will not only learn but also have fun
  • work in a team of nice people, where we chat

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