A digital accounting office saves you time and maximises the protection of your documents.

The very setup of cooperation with clients is done electronically. For signing all contractual documents and powers of attorney, we use the SIGNI.com service, which assigns a digital signature to signed documents, which is free of charge for our clients without any additional registration or login.

More and more clients are then using online access to the POHODA economic system operated by us, unless they use our online accounting service internally, i.e. we access the client’s economic system remotely.

We are able to connect many external systems and services to our system so that our clients can take full advantage of the extended capabilities and extensions of the POHODA system.

Clients supply us with 70% of their documents in electronic form, mainly through our SLUTO CLOUD service. This is a secure two-way file exchange between the client and us. In contrast to sending files via e-mail, our service has almost no limit on file size, files do not flow through unsecured e-mail communication paths, they can have a specific directory structure, secure access can be controlled for different client employees, and above all, files can be stored, for example, only as a snapshot from a mobile device.

However, as one of the most effective bases for accounting, data exports from other systems, either of clients or their suppliers. This is how we bulk import receipts issued by e-shops, movements on cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.

We complement the trend of digitizing documents by converting the remaining 30% of documents that clients deliver to us physically into electronic form ourselves.

For communication with our clients’ banks, we have primarily set up secure channels via the APIs of the individual banks. In practice, this means that we do not access client accounts at all, but the economic system itself electronically downloads bank statements or sends payment orders to the bank for authorisation by the client.

Depending on the type of document, we either store it in an internal document management system (DMS) or link it directly to entries in economic systems. This service allows both our staff and clients to have an immediate view of the documents directly in the economic system without having to search for its physical form in the binders, all online for both parties.

In essence, it is a digital archive whose undeniable advantages include facilitating subsequent work with documents, eliminating the risk of losing documents, saving space, saving costs in processing and distributing data, and making it easy and fast to find information.

These digitisation trends are also supported by the public administration, whether it is communication via data boxes or the obligation to file not only tax returns in electronic form.

For voice communication with clients we use a virtual telephone exchange connected to Microsoft Teams. This means that all our colleagues can talk on the phone with clients even when they are not in their workplace in the office, especially when working from home.

For written communication, we mainly use email, but also other social communication platforms or webchat on our website.

We have deployed a software robot to handle our data mailbox and that of our clients. This system can not only retrieve the message from the data box, but according to its content, it forwards it to the relevant persons in our office, or to the client, and also stores it in the document server for the relevant client and in the relevant category.

For example, we also use a similar robot for the monthly e-mail notification of VAT to clients. These messages are specified in such a way that each client receives information on the amount of the liability or the over-deduction, but also the payment details for the tax payment as well as the attached QR code for uploading to mobile banking.

As one of the popular and recommended forms of obtaining economic information for business management, we offer clients online reporting. The client has on-line access at any time and from anywhere to the values that are updated on a daily basis from the economic system, i.e. he can monitor through a web browser the development of his management in the required breakdown, as well as the status of receivables, liabilities, forecasting the development of the management, etc.

For selected forms, we have created an on-line environment through which clients send us requests for processing income tax returns, delivery of various certificates, clients’ employees fill in the taxpayer’s declaration of employment tax, etc.

Thanks to these ways of working using modern technologies, we achieve maximum efficiency in our offices, record keeping, planning, communication management, file storage, online reporting, etc.

For some of these forms, we again use the SIGNI.com signature platform, and respondents sign some forms by simply signing on the touch screen or by moving the mouse.

In addition, all these processes meet the conditions for maximum protection of client data.

Of course, all these tasks make maximum use of computer technology. This brings with it demands not only on performance, capacity, updates, but above all on security.

Our never-ending investments in computer technology are a matter of course for us, we comply with both general recommendations and recommendations given by the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic, as well as legislation in the form of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The operation of our own mirrored servers, regular hardware upgrades, software updates, backups in periods from 1 hour to 1 day stored in encrypted form and on cloud storage, security of network communication including remote access, security of operational databases, etc. are essential IT tasks for us.

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